Thursday, March 24, 2011

Books for helping Children to Read

I've been looking at a few books. Playful Ways to Help Your Child Read has been one that grabs my eye because is seems fun and visual and thats the type of person I am and how my brain works.

So some ideas to get the juices flowing
  • Rainbow...cut out the colours for each letter...others colours in the same way
  • Popcorn...stick popcorn in the shape of the letters ...shells, sticks, sand. paint, wool, cotton
  • Make a scrap book with cut outs from magazines which can create a Our cat Griffin (photo of the cat) loves to catch mice.
  • Make a book
  • Make mix up cards with words on or a group of words when put together can make a story...or make a odd collection of words
  • Word bingo
  • The child makes up a story and the parent rights it down....make it into a book.
This all started because a few other homeschool friends recommended Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons I've had a look at this book and while it excites me I don't feel all sold on it might make it on to my shopping list...but I might like to be more unschooled as that seems to be working out so well.
I do like the idea of the children learning tools to tackle any words though.

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  1. I didn't like that book.
    Our dd just learnt to read by herself - off she went I do not know how she just read.
    Our son struggled - dyslexia was the cause.
    my experience to you - read, read lots & lots & lots of books to your children - let them play with lego or draw while you read to them.
    Then get easy readers from library - easier than you think they need & get them reading to you (gentle)
    Sight words - on flash cards
    learn phonics it helps with their spelling big time.