Thursday, March 10, 2011

Andrew Crowe....Writes great books!

I brought my first Andrew Crow book when I was about 18 Which Native tree its changed a little since then but I have always had it with in easy reach on my book shelf.
I've added to it over the years and got A Field Guide to the Native Edible Plants of New Zealand with the dream that Dave and I would be able to use it while tramping....we have not yet so far but came close to needing it while stuck on Stewart Island waiting a few extra days for our plane to land on a storm ravaged beach.

While walking our local caves park Dave found some berries on a tree and was telling our children to be very careful about the possibility of being just so happens they were ok to eat ...but well we have to be aware.

I have just ordered this book and have seen it just today at playcentre. Both our kids love bugs and creepy crawly things I think this book will be great.
My son was introduced to a Huhu bug...he then raced around saying huhu... hu hoo.
We also have many weta around and my daughter is always first to say can she have a hold.

this is a weta

I also have right in my hand now The life-size guide to nz wildflowers...which is amazing too... sadly I can not buy this as its not in print and this copy is from the library....we've used this book everyday since we've got it out and I loath to take it back.

These are great books Thanks Andrew and they are a part of our school bag

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  1. I have a couple of his books - now I want more! Thank you again - this looks great :)