Monday, March 7, 2011


Both my children are chasing a Moth around this morning. My son 22 months does not understand the idea of picking up with care. My daughter wants to take a photo of it.

The question of
"what do moths eat" has been googled and wowed over

They like to eat your sweaters lol

Butterflies and most moths (some moths don't eat as adults) - feed through a tube-like tongue called a proboscis so their food must be liquid. Many feed on nectar from various flowers while others feed on a variety of moist rotting matter including, fruit, sap, animals, and animal droppings. Some butterflies will also visit mud puddle to sip nutrients from soil.

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My daughter then laughed and said the Moth could go drink her out of chickens dirty water bowl. She is distracting my son with stickers so she can spend more time with the moth before .... well I can get the printer working. We have this book and I will attempt to read it soon as I rescue my son from the drive....
SO the day starts ;-)

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