Thursday, March 3, 2011

"I want to do something exciting!"

Things I feel have been hard on my on daughter which brings about undesirable behavior.
A baby brother...illness...change of life.
Its all about growing up and learning.
Some days she is my angel other days...well she's still my angel but just a grumpy one

As of late I have been having "I want to do something exciting!" said to me often...and yes I try to think of things...but they are my ideas of excitement not hers so she's not all that keen.
I've just read this Bored No More and realize that I can see things from a different angle now. I've not tried to give out chores...but really do need to get behind her eyes.

But I also believe that we do need to get board to then think and create...when we have our day filled for us we are always looking to others to keep us happy and 'excited' but if we can find it ourselves...there is room for so much more growth.
But as a child we probably do need guidance in learning this skill.

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