Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Readers

When I started reading....I found these books (first readers) now that I look back and understand my emotions... insulting.
I felt dumb, silly, slow and bored.

I've found this web site with heaps of ideas to print out.
Will I use them?
I have no idea....they are all tools are they not?

People talk about reading age....what the heck is reading age? What is it? Who is ready to read? What is reading above your level or below your level?

John Holt talks
"Our professional experts on the teaching of reading have advocated a great many foolish things, but none more foolish than the notion that the way to get children "ready to read" is to show them a lot of books full of nothing but pictures and ask them a lot of silly questions about them.

The proper analogy can be found, as is so often true, with children learning to speak, that extraordinary intellectual feat we all accomplished before the adults got it into their heads that they could "teach" us. Children get ready to speak by hearing speech all around them. The important thing about that speech is that the adults, for the most part, are not talking in order to give children a model. They are talking to each other because they have things to say...."

" sit on the sofa, one on each side, was a very happy scene, all the more so because she read these stories with the greatest seriousness, without a touch of sentimentality or condescension, no "cute" inflections in her voice." (oh how our voices change when we try to teach)

"What children need to get ready for reading is exposure to a lot of print. Not pictures, but print. They need to bathe their eyes in print, as when smaller they bathe their ears in talk. After a while, as they look at more and more print, these meaningless forms, curves, and squiggles begin to steady down, take shape, become recognizable, so that the children, without yet knowing what letters or words are, begin to see...."

This is not the look and guess of my era of "being taught"...but just being read too...a good story

I don't know yet what I feel or what is going to work...we will keep an open mind....but also make sure we are not getting swept away with expert ideas or teaching methods of today (yesterday ;-))

Up date and still to read in full

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