Monday, March 7, 2011

Buddhism for Mothers

I often get into a state...of right lets just do it...and I jump in boots and all, happy keen and excited. I've done this a few times now since starting down the unschooling track.

We've excitedly followed the Moth this morning, and I felt that went really well. I wanted to quickly print some drawings out for the kids to colour and work on some extras for a friend who lives down in Christchurch. I was lucky to find the sites quickly and press print for all the pages I wanted.
By now both children are hovering around me like...Moths.
"Mum look at this"
"Mum lets go outside...I'll make a house for the Moth"..."fine that I'm nearly finished"
"Milk Mamma....MILK"..."go with your sister...wipe your nose on a tissue"

I dash up to Dave's office and reach my hand out for the paper print outs to be there....they are
I run back again to my computer and press print again.
I grab a tissue to wipe my son's nose again and jam a jumper over his head.
I hear him cry "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiilk" as I rush back to Dave's office to once again grab the papers...they are not there!
"oh yes the toner button was flashing the other them to me and I'll see if I can print them out"...sigh
The door to Dave's office flies open "MILK!".."Mum look at this...Dad what's that?...Read this to me!"

"OK lets go down on the couch...I'll read to you...and give you milk!" this lasted two minutes and then they wanted something else.

This was not the end to my morning. There was more like this.
Plus after looking at our son's tooth I've realized he's going to loose it...we have no idea why his front top teeth are so bad. With his terrible cold and being over tired I'm just not really wanting to spend time with him....terrible Mother.
To add to it all Dave comes in with what I thought was the cats collar cut in half...and stats telling me how Billy (our goat) was all twisted up and I my heart did a huge leap thinking he was dead....but no...just growing.

I get our son off to sleep and feel the morning press in on my and look over at my book shelf thinking of all the things I have to do today.
I think I must read some more homeschooling books...think of more to do to day....I look down on the shelf below and see the bright orange spine of "Buddhism for Mothers".
I flick open the page to Identifying the Lesson
I breath.
The lesson for today is "don't do too much when you're already over tired"


  1. oh you would not Believe this...Dave has just walked in with a pile of print outs....all 4 copies
    Big sigh

  2. Oh I LOVE that book!

    I got it out from the library a couple of years ago and felt so at peace reading it. I meant to buy a copy and I hear she's brought out another book too. Thanks for reminding me... think I'll treat myself to some inspiration and 'breath deeply' :) Have a great weekend x