Monday, June 27, 2011

Science activity

Our daughter is really getting into her questions.

First we did an activity called "Balloon Heads" which you fill up a balloon with flour and add a little water then tie up and squish.
She did this well...then wanted to mix flour then water then flour then water to see what would happen...all done with her hands...then tip it out on the bench and smear it round....write her name in it and stamp patterns. Her brother didn't really want any part of them messy side but love the balloon balls.

Next today was Erosion Activity (oh goodness sand inside as its wet and cold outside). So our daughter sorted it all out in her head. Fill up a cube box with sand so she can make a mini landscape then pour water over it.
Both kids played really well together my son (left her alone long enough to complete her activity).
"Wow it all changed (shape)" "and the water has gone (soaked) into the sand"

Now we've moved onto playing the Ukulele strumming along with Jack Johnson ;-)
Oh goodness....we've done so much...and wow its sounding pretty cool for a first time 5 year old.

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