Saturday, June 4, 2011

A new torch

I brought a torch for my son for his birthday. He's been using our battery operated ones and leaving them good when we really need them.
So I brought a dynamo which he can keep charged with the handle.
Then my very patient little girl (who had a torch but was broken by her little brother) didn't say a word for weeks and just watched her little brother with this torch....helping him keep the charge.
I really wanted us all to have a torch before winter really struck (which it did the other night and we lost the power).
So I brought her her own torch.

I had my whole living room taken a part to create two houses (little brother was not aloud in her one to start off with).
It had to be dark.
The blankets would not stretch enough and would often fall on the ground. (In the past this would of lead to tantrums if she could not get it to work).
Slowly things good moved closer together, weights of pillows were used to keep things into place.
Then the curtains pulled...and it was dark enough to use the new torch.
We couldn't wait till bed time.

Little brother was finally aloud in and made a bed "Top and Tail Mum" and they talked together playing with their torches...Shining them in their hands to see the colour change.

Then it was all over and the torches are put in their pockets and under their pillows - taken out at night just before bed....and very early in the morning.

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