Monday, June 20, 2011

Painting group

Our painting group is going along really well.
I asked our group to paint a colour wheel. This was something I did on one of my first lessons in collage...took our class a whole hour back then...and it took the kids today about 25mins.
Some of them didn't get it at first putting the primary colours out first then mixing the colours and putting them in the gaps...but hey nothing learnt if a few mistakes are not made.

Our groups numbers are growing but we always seem to have a few missing due to holidays or ill health.

One of the many reasons why we are learning from home is that our daughter does not do so well at the moment with large crowds of people...and I've just working out her limit...about 7-8 people. Sadly today she was very over whelmed and wanted to spend most of her time hiding in her room or going out to see her chickens.
I kept the children working so the noise level was low and I had back ground music playing today which seemed to help a great deal too...but as soon as the noise went up our daughter wanted to rush off.

Painting is coming along really well. Experimenting with colours has been great. Learning the different ways to make them has been really exciting for some. Green seems to be the favorite one at the moment.

I find it amazing how much children remember. I warned them that the use of black when mixed into another colour can be very over powering my words were "you can really kill a colour with too much black" choice of words. They were parroted back this week when the black was dished out.

Well we'll see how we go next week... I think it might be the last week that we're running it but I'm sure I'll dream up of something new.

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