Saturday, June 4, 2011

Making a Mobile

Flicking through Di Hodges book my daughter found an activity she really had to do NOW.
She rush away and got all the things which were needed.

I don't know who is short of a coat hanger in their room but oh well.
My cotton from my sewing kit.
The fruit bag that Granny brought up in the afternoon (without the fruit)
The book marker which came in the book (Di Hodges) we brought second hand.
And a Daddy to help with the knots

This was all being done just before bath time.

"What should I cut out Mum?" I didn't really get to answer as a triangle started to be worked on...she needed a little help with the circle and got the square out on her own.
The cotton was really hard to threat through the mesh.

It all came together and then she had to take photos of it. A few were taken up against the window but you couldn't see anything as the flash blew it all away with the night outside. She finally got the hang of it.

Its now hanging up in her room

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