Saturday, June 4, 2011

Finger paint at Playcentre

This activity was being set up for the parents to do as part of the course requirements for C1. My daughter saw the CSW getting it all ready in the kitchen and just pulled up a chair ready to begin.
She was not going to let all the parents have the fun.

I read out the recipe and we looking at the equipment available and off we went. She was the only one who did this and the parents had to be prodded along an hour later ;-)

She measured and mixed.
The CSW suggested that she put her hands in to see what it felt like...ohhh yahoo messy play. My daughter really questioned why the mixture was hard and liquid at the same time.
"oh its like mud"
The CSW wanted to take away the mixture to pour in the hot water but I assured her the my daughter was a very good listener and a cook, understanding the dangers. So she got to see the change of the mixture which was very exciting.

We used a few drops of paint to colour our paint....and then had to WAIT.

Oh goodness

The parents had to make the rest of the paint...and then we had to let it cool down. This was a very hard lesson as my daughter was really worried that some one else could come and take her hard work (seems to be a bit of an issue at Playcentre on a few things...may have to work on this)

Finally the paper was set out and both she and her brother rushed to sit down.
She did not want any one else's paint but her own.
Once she got it onto her paper she was so happy...she wanted all the other children to share in her experience and couldn't understand why some children did not want to get their hands 'dirty'. She was a little worried that it might be her paint that they might not like but I assured her that it was just in general.

Both kids really enjoyed it when the CSW brought out the other colours and they started to mix them.
As they were both still recovering from their flu...they pretty much bombed after this and wanted to go back home to bed.
What a great morning

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