Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The secret garden

This has been our read aloud story for a while. I've discovered that in a lull in any book the kids what to move on to another no...I've put my foot down and we are finishing all the books we've started to keep with it!

So the garden has been a much loved story. Dd has watched the movie a long time ago so she was very excited to read the book...and discover its very different.

Dd spent a long time drawing yesterday. All the main people in the story with Ben leaning over the wall too.
Dd is trying very hard to write on her own. She loves the game where I read out a sentience and she then try's to write it down...most of the time accurately. I've been using the jolly phonic suggested dictation.

Dave gave both kids an old key to have...ds was so excited and wanted to go out to our garden and find the door...oh to be 3.

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