Sunday, January 6, 2013

First day back

I know after a break it's aways hard to get back into the swing.
Dd had a nightmare about loosing all her hard work on egg words. She's worked so hard to earn enough money to buy her own iPad and finally she did. Dave helped her order on line.
We managed to gift a few apps to her. Bugs and numbers is a huge hit along with egg words and word bingo. ? Eh?
She's also tackled the sims and working out that trying to earn enough money. It's a laugh.

So far only one large interruption the concrete cutter...

Will try for another lesson after morning tea.

Went well lots of counting and ball skills then into baking. I keep saying no baking in the afternoon but I forget it's hard work.

Dd opened a pack of pebbles to sort into rainbow colours...part of OM today. She was miffed that there was hardly any red...the most needed colour. We counted them all out.
With jelly beans as extra it worked.

Have DS in OM kindy now so working the two curriculum in together will be a little challenge.

Wind is horrible hampering outdoor play.

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