Monday, January 28, 2013

Listen to the sounds

As part of oak meadow science we are listening to animals outside.
In nz we don't have the outdoor animals but we still listen.

To DD's delight a cicada landed on her head and was very loud...she calmly put her hand up and got it to walk onto her hand. DS wanted to touch it dd wanted to draw flew away after fingers poked it a few too many times.

I asked dd what she could hear
The wind
I couldn't resist it and asked what was is saying
She smiled and quoted...I don't know I can't speak wind.

She drew the wind fairy as she said she couldn't draw wind.

It is windy over near the pines and lots of birds as well we didn't get to see any too hot.
The cat came running along the path crying....another sound. The goat cried too he's hot as well.

Dd looked at all the old spider webs along the way thinking they are old and flimsy.

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