Monday, January 7, 2013

Caves camp Jan 2013

DD and a good mate

Walking through the bush so lovely 

Dave testing out his new leg

Dd picks up a new friend...or should I say steals one off of Ds

Two WONDERFUL mothers who a great friends

Ready to go caving

Dave sits with the leg needs a rest

Dave braves it with the kids...while I sit for a time and zen out...OH it was GREAT!!!

Cindy sorts them out

Dave reassures our two that this is our old stamping group BC = before kids

Ds watching the abseiling which it where I learnt as a young Civil Defense team member ..and Laugh !! Who should be on the end of the rope but the man who taught me 15 years ago...he was right where I left him. Christmas is great for catching up.

Dd showing how tired she really is...but has to keep going 

Dave kicking back with a coffee

Kids on one of the many games

A truly wonderful time had with wonderful people. The playcentre group of DD years rocks. So this year with an invite to camp at the caves we were off. Such a small town its great to know everyone.
We stayed three days packing up before the weather broke.
Cindy the brave lass decided to take all the kids and parents caving...MAD.
The kids loved it. Dave's leg is only just able to move and the walk we did really worked him well.
We had super over tired children but I think a lot of good memory's were made.
Kind of kick starting me into trying to get out there.

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