Sunday, January 6, 2013

Auckland visit again

Another check up for Dave at greenlane so we visited Cornwall park...dd is loving it saying its Mary's house and gardens from the secret garden. We had a wonderful time exploring Arcadia house and wondering who lived there.

Once we explored a bit DS spotted some pretty heavy duty tree trimming going on. So we watched the guys climb up a LONG way.

After Dave's appointment we headed to the museum. Loved it. Dd wanted to go to the volcano room first. She didn't watch it all to the end before and this time she and DS became frightened.
Loved so many different parts but the moon sand table with bugs was the biggest winner.

We've never made it to the third floor wouldn't say we did really this time either but they loved the dugout.
DS got a terrible fright when the whole movie screen wall moved and out stepped a we made our way slowly back to the car.

Very tired kids but off to Wellington tomorrow.

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