Thursday, January 19, 2012

The water cycle

I found the amazing science songs!!! Ages a go the link is here somewhere.

We have them on the car.

We watched "wet all over" magic school bus. 321 contact. Cut sponges into clouds...the kids had water fights with them...buying the sponges was a trip down the road telling the shop keeper what they were up too.
Dd wanted the pink sponge because she wanted "pink sky in the morning shepards warning"...then got worried that pink clouds might not give rain.

We painted the jolly phonics sounds on the concrete with water....had to do it quickly as it evaporated.

We talked about water flowing down hill. Dd was sure rivers were level...self correcting with bear grylls reference again...haha...he always follows creaks down to the sea.

I'd like to watch the Home doc and a world after people which talks about water and soil build up...and time

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