Saturday, January 28, 2012

Camping -day 2

Great morning. Woke up really early to heaps of birds. Kids thought they made too much noise.
They went for any early morning swim. Too cold for me.
Dd wanted to make omelet for breakfast ...and could not understand why I'm not super mummy and remembered everything like butter or oil.

On the way home we started the track that Dave came out on in one of his expeditions. Really nice walk and i want to go back.

Dave and I stated talking about a tramping trip. We'd bivi so we wouldn't have to carry so much.
I'm so excited the kids are too but they have no idea.
We just have to wait to DS is toilet ready.

On the way home my mum and dad called to offer to take the kids on the
So we picked up some new library books and then waved goodbye and off they went to the museum. 20 rides later they came home.

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