Thursday, January 19, 2012

How is dirt made?

This question popped up one night just before bed.
We talked about plants dying and composting. Bugs. Mold. Chickens and their poo. Scraps. Old trees. Huhu bugs...Bear Grylls. Rocks. Sea - waves. Shells.erosion. 321 contact. Magic school bus.


  1. Hi
    Interesting that you mention the old programme 312 contact as I used to really enjoy it when I was a kid....hope you don't mind me asking where you found it as I've done a quick google search and revealed very little...

  2. That's the worrysum thing...I find things which are wonderful on YouTube and them they are taken down so fast

  3. Would love to get copies of it somehow...on youtube I could only find the theme song.

  4. Yes having copy's of 321contact an others would be great but I don't know where you would buy them....please anyone if you know drop us a line