Thursday, January 19, 2012

Riding a bike

Both our children got bikes for Christmas. Both bikes are a little too big for them...oh well
As we live out in the middle of steep farm land there is no where for them to ride.
Nana's retirement village is perfect!!

On Christmas day dd got the hang of it with Dave running along beside her. We had a large break where the bike had to stay at home and the weather has been terrible.

But into it again.
Today I showed how a short stuff can push off while hop and standing...I'm into Mt biking. She got it straight away..then got shirty with me for standing to close.

We talked about getting angry and that making things harder to do.
We managed to get a deep breath calm enough to start off.

Little DS was a bit scared if his bike. Wouldn't really touch it for a long time. Then with a pair of shoes (my kids don't often wear shoes) making him a little taller...he is off and running.

Very happy kids

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