Saturday, January 28, 2012

Camping holiday -day 1

We had a wonderful start to the day. Nana came up to see us off.
We brought a pair of jandles each.
We stopped in Kawakawa and by luck a train went down the middle of the road.
Took dd to the 'world famous' loo and she loved all the glass bottles and different tiles.
"can I have a window like that one day?" I promised in our next house she could.
Had a REAL banana smoothy.
Then drove into the bush to an amazing little clearing beside a river.
Two swims. Dd doing well...going back to swimming lessons next week so with hope we'll of had enough water over the holidays to keep the knowledge up there.
We had dinner beside the river in the bush and got totally eaten alive by sand fleas.
Kids had another swim.
Some local children came up on their horses showing off. Dh was so excited but scared too.
Now both are asleep after half our mega book of nursery rhymes and 3 chapters of a magic school bus.
There are a few pigeons and tui around so with hope they will be here in the morning for the kids to see.

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