Monday, August 29, 2011

If all else fails....baking?

I'm feeling very flat at the moment. Nearly spring and longing to get out into it.
My daughters little friends have all started school this week and next...and that's it.
This marks a big change.
I'm feeling scared, worried and stressed all rolled into one. It is the same feeling when my daughter turned 5 back in April.

My son has a spring cold. Tired and grumpy sleeping very little....and that's my symptoms he's got a running nose on top of it all and not eating.

I had dreams of looking up the word Arena (my son was saying it yesterday and my daughter looked it up in the dictionary) we started out really well this morning...and I've crashed and burned this afternoon.
Kids haven't they are fine. Playing hide and seek...each counting as high as they can go before yelling out Coming ready or not.

We did do Marshmallow Day. We lit the fire outside and the kids cooked their morning tea "This is the best Marshmallow I've ever had" she said.
My son was learning to treat fire with respect...but still very frightened of it.

I've managed to create Mt Washmore again which I'm really unhappy about...but that's just house work.

So my daughter said "lets bake a loaf of garlic bread!"
Sounds good to me...maybe some banana chocolate muffins too.

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