Monday, August 29, 2011

Children cooking on Wednesday

This is my aim: Children will cook the meal on Wednesday.
I've started the theme for tomorrow and we'll see if they keep it going?
A while ago...summer I can't find the photos to remind you but we started working on a cob oven. We have started with an old pot and lined it with cob. We popped an unused brazier in it and hey presto a really good BBQ.
So the kids are going to cook over an open fire using Poppa's old tramping oven.

But on waking up this morning with the weather looking grey...I don't know.
I'll still get them to cook but maybe not outside.

Oh my goodness this day was a total disaster.
My Mother said that my Father would be up in the morning....
so I thought cool
I'll get the fire going and he and the kids can keep it stoked while I clean the oven...which I sprayed out.
I couldn't light the fire
My cousin turned up to say hi...was great to have her.
My son would not stop ...he's got a spring cold. Wants to be held but not, feed but what, outside but not....ahhhhggg
We got the recipe sorted but couldn't cook put it off.
My parents arrived.
Mum made lemonade and then halfway through Took both kids off to visit the dump
Yahoo I cleaned the oven and cooled the dinner... Kids didn't like it
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