Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 2011

Building trains...we've nearly got enough for both children to build their own
Interest in butterfly...I tried to introduce collage which was not understood yet
A gift for Granny with home made frame
LOTs of we made lemonade....that was "a bit too funny" for the kids
Our sons working spot
Our daughter wanted to make big 'eggs' which she and her brother could hide in and then break out of. of the cable car
Homeschool roller skating lessons
Oh my goodness how many little blond heads can you get into the garden at Playcentre
The playcentre play-in showing the government that we need playcentre
Shaving children's favorite messy play...taken to playcentre
All the kids enjoying messy play...I've promised that we'll do it again at floor needs a clean ;-)

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