Saturday, August 27, 2011

How much socialization?

This is such a big issue for a lot of new Home educated family's. And I am like a Mother with a newborn. Its all new all a bit scary and all comes with so many different choices.

At the moment we go to Playcentre twice a week. I feel I would like to keep going till our daughter is 6 and maybe a little longer after that if I can work out some way of giving her some things to do at Playcentre so she is busy.
I would like to keep going because
- I would like our son to have a chance to do as much messy play as possible.
- I would like to complete the Playcentre diploma which would be a nice feather in my cap to help with Home education.

We head off to Ballet lessons on Monday
I'm looking for a music class
We're nearly ready for swimming lessons
We have a play date once or twice a week
My parents are often here once a week to help out - a quarry trip or some other outting.

I would like to join up with Nippers this summer
Kea's soon? We may still be a bit young.

I hope to sort out a few play dates with some friends of our daughter who are now going to school. As we are rural it means keeping your options open and often hopping in the car.

Some weeks I feel all we are doing is seeing people and others its very quiet.
But that's life

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