Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eggs, numbers, days and date

How much can you get from raising chickens.

Chicken health
- what to feed them (or not to feed them)
- make sure they have water
- give them greens "Oh Reddie likes these flowers....why do they not eat the slug I gave them?"
- give them dirt to have a dust bath in
- watch for any mites or other horrible critters on your chickens
- I'm sure the list is longer but... that's all my daughter can keep up with for now.

- the love of collecting them
- the love of counting them
- our daughter is almost graphing - using a tick box per egg per day
- writing the date on the eggs. So sorting out what is the date and how to write the numbers. 2 has been a hard number for our daughter to write but its coming along better each day. Though I could think of a better surface to write on than around an egg.

- "how many chickens could I have?"
- "I could sell eggs"
- "I could sell chickens"
- "I could give chickens to K--o when he moves to our he could have his own and give them to his brothers and sister"

Learning learning all the time. We listen to other people around town who have chickens to tell us their story's. Our daughter was very sad when one lady told us that her Highliner chickens would probably not sit on a nest to hatch the eggs as its not part of their breed. But I assured her that we could slip a few of her chickens eggs under my little black who is willing to raise them.

We've watched the Magic School bus on egg development, and we've cracked a lot of eggs and looked at the different parts.

Still a lot more to do on this chicken and egg lesson ;-)

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