Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Using my house and changing my view point

Dave and I were talking the other day. (I don't know what I was expecting when I was 'growing older' and thinking of children.) But I never imagined my house being used the way it is today.
We have a Daycare in our town. We have a Playcentre on our street. We have a school on our street too.

But we have all this here.
10 children on my kitchen bench...doing art, eating together.
A swing in my lounge which is a play room not a lounge....which has a climbing frame and slide as well.
Paintings hung up all over the place.
Books every where.
A courtyard full of outdoor toys...race ways and stop go signs.
A huge black board (thrown away from the school)
We dreamed of maps on our walls...but now have them for reasons other that to plot the next tramping (hiking) trip.
A dog proof front yard (to keep our children safe)

We don't believe in heaps of toys. We've a lot that are secondhand a lot that are hand made and or wooden and of course a lot that are 'educational'.
My custom made (thanks Dad) coffee table fits 4 cube boxes which hold lego/douplo, muisc, blocks and trains.

I had a vision of how my future was going to be. It was not this...but man this is way better.
Life is ever changing.

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  1. YAH! LOVE this post! I hear you! My house is quite similar - though I do have a few little corners that are slices of 'husband and I before children'! Tee hee! It's certainly a lot more fun to let go and have fun with children, than try to keep your house like a show home.


    And that photo of the swing in your lounge with the awesome paintings on the wall cracked me up :) Brilliant!!!