Saturday, July 30, 2011

Unschooled children moving with the times?

Its all through the news at the moment. Playcentre and other early childhood education centers will have their funding cut but 63% - 70%. The world as we know it is changing so fast and in many cases we are not changing fast enough to keep up with it.

Every day I thank that I've begun homeschooling our children. I want to change I want to keep up. We need to think outside the square and even further beyond that square. We need to think of other peoples lives who are yet to come.

Yes it would be lovely to keep that funding going. But funding is getting cut every were. We need to think about our children and their future.

How can we keep what Playcentre was giving us?
Do we take it to our homes?
Do we pay a little more?
Do we say "No more boxes to tick"...(an example would be - we need one white plastic doll, one brown plastic doll, one male, one female.) Why have all these boxes to tick? Why spend the money on things just because someone said it would be a good make sure that our children have a well rounded education.
SHould we not look at what is in our community that we can use. What skills we have to share....oh goodness there is lots to say.

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