Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Titanic re-visited

We read the story of the Titanic on the day in history which it sank. My daughter was not really all that keen on listening (I was going through need to listen phase...and came up against counter will).
I helped my daughter find some books in the library on the Titanic and there were lots of WOW's....then we got out the DVD.
Lots of questions!
She had to watch the beginning of the movie about 5 times because there was so much information she seemed to be thinking about.

A few weeks have gone by. Our daughter looked over the books again. She asked to watch the movie again.
"What size was the ice burg?" "In the book its different from in the movie"..."There seems to be a lot more ice in the water than out of the water"..."Could the people of got off the boat onto the ice burg".

Now that was an interesting thought.

Dave talked about the possibility of steep sides of the ice burg...that it was small...that the boat shot right past it.
But hey good idea.

So the movie had to get watched again...and I'm that the books will be re-visited again too.

As a side we started talking about Titanosaurus how interesting that the two interests have a very large Titan in it ..."How long was the Titanic? 268m"..."How long was that Dinosaur?"...30m "How big is that?"...much bigger than our house.

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