Wednesday, July 20, 2011

School holiday....what school holiday

I am amazed at how much happens when your not trying to make it happen. We still read every morning but I've backed down on the writing in the Jolly Phonics books for a while...and there is so much writing happening.
My daughter was copying my "to do list" on my white board. Writing notes to let people know which is her glass. She organised 'music time'...something I've been trying to bring in for a few weeks now..and it just happened all like that.
On our car ride yesterday and today I HAD to play Jolly Phonics songs so that they could read along in the back and sing.
"Oh oh I want to play that game"...I was very puzzled till I worked out it was the read along book I downloaded...."Can I have two books?"
I also downloaded the Phonics thingy for iPods too...not such a great hit but maybe in a few days?
There has also been a lot pulled out of news of tigers, bears and tigers, nice lawns (I don't get that one...guy mowing a lawn and she says it looked so beautiful) also a really lovely photo of a painting which she wanted to look at a long time.
A few magazines have been pulled apart too..."Oh look at this lovely soup....what's in it?... Potatoes and mushroom Yummy"...she she's started her own recipe file as well.
So much and I've not even talked about the intense talk we had on the way home from my parents place about "How did the first tree grow?" "Why is the moon that shape now?" "How did they make electricity? did they make the first electricity plant with out electricity?" Just as well it was a long ride home.

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