Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh goodness so much to do June 2011

"What are you doing?" my son it was more along the line of "let me have a go". This activity was 'Balloon Faces'...fill up a balloon with flour and a little water. They loved this.
My daughter has loves chess. Will often play in the evenings while Dave cleans up the kitchen. Here she is playing with her 'dog' Rusty.
Blow paint.
Erosion experiment.
First real drawing with a house, lawn, garden and swings - the swings have sky hooks ;-) also got the sky and the sun.
Playing with the blocks and figured out how to make a line like you would domino its just the distance thing she needs to work out.
Ballet exams...well as much of an exam as you can have for a 5 year old.
Working hard at Playcentre. I found her cutting circles all on her own so make ... something? we never really sorted out what it was going to be as the class ended and it all got swept aside.
"Quick quick Mum I want to make a special gift for my friends" two little friends were coming for dinner with their parents and my daughter a half hour before they were to arrive wanted to make these really cool little dolls and wrap them as well. She did really well.
Our CSW came to play and Playcentre. A mix of Lux soap flakes whisked with warm water and spread with lots of fun all over the place. My daughter was the first and the last at this table. My son did not want to get his hands dirty, in fact he even burst into tears when his mate ruffed him up a little with soapy hands.

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