Monday, February 21, 2011

"School camp"

I have really begun to sink myself into homeschool even more. I have moments of panic that we will not find some little friends for my children...some one to really click with.

I'm glad I do not have too many issues with just jumping in and meeting new people. We just had a wonderful morning at a Day camp set up for homeschoolers. My daughter was one of the youngest but I'm sure one of the most determined children there.

There was a large flying fox (only for 6 years and older) and I felt bad for having to lay down the law that she could not go...and it was not me holding her back. Oh I was not the best Mummy.

But (and when I get the camera out you'll see) the water slide was wonderful. She was very keen and needed no help or encouragement. The slide was VERY fast.

There were some great team work games which she was really only just getting...but mind you she is really only just understanding playing with others anyway.

photo's to come

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