Monday, February 21, 2011

Parent Panic Attack 2

I can feel the squeeze of the coming months pressing in on my chest.
Oh dear panic!
My daughter is talking about her birthday a lot. All very sorted down to the BBQ - sausage in bread, Banana cake, Treasure Hunt and NO PASS THE PASSEL!

BUT my daughter will be five.
Her first little friend from playcentre will be going to school about a week after (and he will not be at the school that she would go to anyway if she was to that makes me feel a little better).
It will not be until August that her two other 'best' girl friends will be going to school so we have a little more time.

I stress and worry...I believe we are doing the right thing but I suppose until we've been there done that for a while it will be hard work.

So I'll read some more, visit some more and a new one talk some with local parents...oh how exciting.

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