Monday, February 28, 2011

"Mary's got butterfly's"

"The nice one's" aka Monarch Butterfly.

My Mum has been up to help today was our son has the flu. She dropped our daughter off at my Nana's while it was rest time.
A new adventure, not done before...alone at Nana's

When our daughter arrived home after an hours visit (Nana still driving...very carefully I hope up our road) she bounces in telling me all about the "Heaps of Caterpillar on Mary's tree".
My Aunt gave us a book of "Back yard creatures" which has just been wonderful as we have been able to look up so many things...and this butterfly is one of the last remaining that we have not seen.

"There was one even hatching...but I don't know if it's alright as the cocoon was STILL green"

Bugs have really become a great part in our daughters life at the moment. We spend time in the garden and also as much as I can exploring in the bush too.

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