Monday, February 28, 2011

Kawau Island visit

Department of Conservation other wise known as DOC put on an open day on the smallish island of Kawau...Map for a look see

So I with all my wisdom booked myself and the kids to go. Then in the following days Hamish developed a new behavior.....the runner.
Auuugh...pull my hair out.
So quick call and Dad is coming too.

We took our daughter to the island when she was about 20months too. This was a lovely stay. It was one of the last big walks I've done for years...we crossed part of the island with no track, no good map and a vague idea.
A long haul with a baby strapped to your back in a wrap.
We made it and loved it...well my feet didn't.

So return again...this time with running races, sausage sizzle, historic house viewing and treasure hunt. Lots of sport equipment to borrow too and some guided walks.
Dad helped out with the science questions and a short walk was a great learning experience.

This kind of trip is how I would like our future classes to be....I was stressed to start off with (just my nature...but came right after a bit of a sit down and breath with Jon Kabat Zinn)

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