Monday, June 23, 2014

Bit of a tree day with building little houses

DD with her beloved chicken which she has hand raised from two chickens which she saved up for and brought. 
This is Cornflower

 DS has grown so much its just amazing how much he has grown in confidence. The other day someone was asking in the shop how old he was and was he enjoying school..."I'm homeschooled!"
 DD checking out to see if anyone had moved in.

 Our little/large house on the hill

 Many years ago when I found this property my grandfather and I walked up the back here where there was nothing but steep grass...and now we've got a few trees coming is young DS jumping down the hill which Grandpa Jim and I sat on in the rain and I thought...yup I could live here.
 The beginnings of a house which my two have been working on for ages.

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