Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Poor DD is as tired as I am. The storm we've had over the last few days has been really hard going. The noise at night is keeping us all awake. The rain and the wind together with some cold has made things miserable.
Its school holidays here in NZ so we've been able to visit a few friends already.
We've driven to Auckland and had a lovely catch up and plan to go back again and do the museum with these same friends.
Yesterday we popped over to DS best friends place. WOW the wind was amazing! While sitting doing some bead work... (Lovely symmetry by DD) the shade sail was ripped from the roof.
I handed the phone to DD reminding her how to use it if need be and the two Mothers don bike helmets for protection and battle the sail with the neighbours. We managed to wrestle it to the ground and go back to our bead work.
Very cool. Making beads from paper.

We came home for lunch. The the kids moved into playing minecraft. They have discovered how to use the TNT and doing the mining this way. Oh dear not sure how I feel about that.
But they have moved back into creative mode so they can build their houses.

We attempted to go to a junk workshop but the storm has made driving extremely bad...trees, roads, flooding. We are all very disappointed. So on the way back into our little town I popped into the Hammer Hardware to pick up some boxes. I had visions of using glue guns and tape creating something from them...but the kids have moved into building towns, skycity, and now shops.

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