Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sewing for DS

A note from OM recommend sewing for helping with learning reading and writing.
I thought sewing how would I encourage my boy to do that.
The next morning while sitting in front of the fire he said to me
"Mum I want to do some sewing"
Me ... Double take and wondered if he'd been reading my emails.
Any way
We sat down and I cut out a few rounds with him...he's still not keen on the old cutting thing. I showed him once how to push the needle through...and how to push it back through on the other side and he was off.
He was very proud.

The other thing which is a change for DS is he's dragging round a few books which I HAVE to while we're doing paintings of terrains with DD I'm reading "Slinky Malinky opened the door..."

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