Monday, June 23, 2014

A mud day

It was grey and horrible with rain throughout most of the day. So I looked in Maths in the Garden and came up with an idea...which got extended in so many different directions.
We used a few different soil samples and added water. Then shook them...then let them settle.
The water was the fun part.
And the mud
And the building

The three different soils. Potting mix from the shop. Our own clay and garden soil from DS's garden which we have worked on for a few years and have had the chickens on top of too.

 The cat was most interested today.

 DD was trying to call it dirt smoothy
 This is a hut that they had been working on with friends...which has now been taken apart and made again but higher up the hill.
 This is DS hut which he made for our running free rooster

 And of course once it had all been finished it became one big mud slide

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