Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What's on our board so far this week

Our chart about animal sounds finished

Dd painting of her going after the turkeys
Form drawing was a BIG issue for Dd last year.
She hated it. She cried because she couldn't do it. And I must say I felt frustrated too as drawing for me has always come naturally.
But as with homeschooling if something is not working out...let it go for a little while.
So we did and came back.
All of a sudden it clicked for to hold on to the crayon lightly and not be to worried about marks...she turned it into a cat.

We are reading Just So Stories for oak meadow grade 2. My kids will only listen to them if I read outside while they are playing I the trees. They don't like them! 
Dd's self directed panting

I've come to a very similar time with ds that I went through with dd. He is very upset by his work. He looks at others around him and sees that they are better.
This happened at playcentre with dd. she would not paint because others might see she's not very she thought.
So he does not like writing, or painting because others can see.
He loved mixing the paint though.

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