Monday, November 25, 2013

Haemophila HFNZ Zoo visit Nov 2013

The HFNZ-Haemophila asked if the kids could come to the zoo for a Christmas break up. Bit of a long hall down to Auckland but I thought why not. My Dad was keen to help out and that meant Dave could have a much needed rest at home doing stuff. The weather was EXTREMELY hot and the kids had energy for some parts but mostly we just drooped after lunch. 
They had a visit from Santa. DS eyes could hardly believe what was going on. And then lolly scramble. 

 I took many photos of this bird getting closer and was amazing I expected it to fly off at any moment but I was able to get right up and hold the camera out without zoom. It left when Dad offered it his finger.
 Both my children love the bird enclosure and asked to stay here. DS was eating his lunch when he felt something behind him
 DD was wondering what the noise was.
 Very tame...but only Granddad was aloud to put out a finger
 This bird stayed with us all lunch...and you can guess why.

DD is trying to take a photo of an eel...this was one of the favorite animals to visit...started to get very excited as we came down the ramp towards the enclosure.

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