Sunday, November 3, 2013

Animal sounds

Some days I can almost laugh how things turn out. Today for oak meadow we are observing animals and listening to the sounds they make and how they communicate.
Early this morning our next door dog treed an possum...she was very excited...lots of yipping.
Next while putting the washing out dd heard the turkeys in the garden...she was off wriggling through the grass following them. She has learnt pretty quick to keep her butt down and got very close to the mother turkey who was calling her chicks.
While painting their pictures of the turkeys a mother starling has been making a wonderful noise to her little chicks up in the corner of the roof.

We've started a table/chart to document all the different noises.
We've been talking about our cat and the different noises he makes. 
He comes in the door at night and gives this mournful cry dd calls out to him and he races to hop into bed with her. The cat sort of chirps when we feed him. He purrs when he's happy...and he growls when he's not...ds chips in here and shows dd his arm where the cat scratched him yesterday. 

Ds has been a little bit frustrated with all this time spent on dd's work so he was really happy to do some painting which he's not really into but doing it outside was great.
He's growing so fast.

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