Sunday, November 10, 2013

Over planning

I had this great day always seems to happen when I do this
We had melt downs and big steps forward
My DD who is older and loves her work and likes to share in being leader to her little brother.....
DS does not like DD showing him up
So he will not par-take in anything that she is doing.

Today we had a little accident with DS bumping DD and DS took off getting frustrated.
He did not want to be with us.
Finally we managed to get story time done...DD was off drawing a camel. I asked if DS would like to draw...NO!
But then surprise!
Yes he was going to draw George and Timmy on the Spook Train....WOW
He did really well and even wrote out some words I lightly drew for him.
Then DD came along after finishing her first drawing and drew her Spook Train...DS looked at his and became disappointed with his efforts...and nothing I said made it better.

Then he managed to move on which is not something he normally does and wanted me to write out more words for him...he chose cat...wrote it...sounded it out and was very proud.

I feel I've moved a long way forward in some areas to day.

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