Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nature table to fairy house

We didn't have a space for a nature table for a long while and we used the mantelpiece for the kids, rocks, shells, bits and bobs of craft.
Then we finally got a shelf
And it's been full and well used.
Our hs group did an harvest craft which has stayed on the table for. Ages!
I've tried to change it but have been greeted with screams of dismay...
I was stuck on how to change or clean it.

Thanks to Liz and the team at oak meadow they came up with ideas and help
Dd spent hours even in the pouring rain building a fairy house...out of all her nature table stuff. It's been great!
Both kids totally got into it.
They have moss roofs and walls...and stair cases inside that we can't see make out of stone.
Ds even showed me his next door neighbours place...possibly a rat or rabbit hole. They found mushroom children hehe and spiders webs...dd informed me this was where the dew fairs stored their droplets.
Dd and ds seem to flip between seriousness and science and fairy tails but enjoy their games.

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