Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dealing with the Death of a pet

Poor Dennis my Nanas cat had to be put down :-(
He had such bad arthritis and was so angry he would attack nana and at 83 with very thin skin and very thin blood it was a disaster waiting to happen.
My dad came up to tell me. We told the kids Dennis was very sick and was probably going to die.
We see Nana everyday. Dennis was the fattest cat with no tail in the village and everyone knew him.
My dad went and told the vet what nanas decision was and nana came up to be with us.

The first thing ds did was craw in the car over nana and ask to see Dennis.

Dave luckily was working from home so he dug the hole.
They all went to pick up Dennis.
He was wrapped up and ds wanted to see him. Dave was trying to explain that he was dead....nana said best to show him other wise he'll ask where he is tomorrow.
Ds got to see.
Lots of tears.
Dd wanted to say a prayer and she had flowers. Nice as they were from the tree my grandpa planted 7 years ago and my grandpa has since died...he got the cat for nana.

It's a tradition in our family we make sure our loved ones are buried. The grandchildren covered my grandpa and grandma, my uncles covered my other grandpa as my kids helped, my uncle was covered by his children and my cousins.
These memory's came back to them as they covered Dennis.

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