Thursday, May 23, 2013

Juggling family health and life

Ds has been out of sorts for a few days....ARGH!!!
Nothing we do is right and ...
Nothing he does is right

With my Dad away we are looking after Nana and her medication and blood tests.
Lol poor DS who has had lots of tests over the past month to figure out if he has a bleeding disorder is rushing round giving everyone blood tests with his nail.

So with DD doing her school work
Ds making me climb the walls with his cold...who dips in and out of wanting to read, or write or stand on his head
and Nana being 83
its a Challenge to say the least

Ever tried to do a blood test on a 83 year old who is more interested in what her great-grand-kids are up to...who are at the same time trying to ask for more lunch.

DD and I will be going to a Ladies only bleeding disorder afternoon tea on the weekend...DS is miffed and asked why he can't come and DD said lady's only to which DS replied..."eh but your not a lady!"
And just to prove it they roll on the fall tickling each other till DS can not breath because of his blocked nose.

Then back to writing out lovely story's and having a swing before we head off to Homschool Swimming

Oh the joys of health, love and laughter

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