Monday, May 20, 2013

21st may

We often do circle time singing learning songs. Lots of finger play.
Then we might have a bit of gym some days it's all gym and crazy dance.
Today we are working on the 5 times tables which we have been using for a long while but first time writing them down.
Dd does not understand form drawing yet and it might not be until older thy she works it out but we'll try again.
Dd loves maths card games with her maths dolls.
Our history project is shaping up nicely with our tea coloured paper.

DS has just turned 4 and is very excited about doing some school work. Taking leaps now from not holding pen to
His swimming lessons have leap ahead too.

I have had issues with cleaning the nature table off so we might try and make fairy houses outside with our excess stuff. I cleaned the table yesterday and put two mice out.

Dd has started on esops fables she's found the book and cd. Lovely drawing of the wolf and kid.

Vanessa may is much loved here ad DS will often put on a dance show mixed in with crazy frog...? Odd.

I've put together a reading and games basket which dd loves. She is moving through the 'little bear' books and yellow level jolly phonics.

DS has been working on numbers too. I've brought the Maths By Hand curriculum to help which is great.
I had to laugh as he's also been working on an app called bugs and number recognition is good too.

Sun has been amazing. Kids loving being outside. Hate to think what winter will bring.

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