Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to Unschool?

I've been reading Sandra Dodds book which I feel is amazing. I love her bluntness and I know when I don't get something I need to put the book down for a few days or weeks and then have some life experience to understand how it either works in my life or does not.

She says she is often asked "So how DO you unschool?" I can understand the question coming from a schooled background where everything is told to you or written out in directions for you to want some sort of direction.
I think where seasoned unschoolers get lost is possibly..."well how do I explain how you should live your life".
And for me that's just it.
How do you live your lives we need to know.

Was it in Sandras other website? I don't' know but I think the most meaningful thing I read (and dam I can't go back to it) was parents describing what they did throughout their day.

An example of mine would be our St George day.
Got up, ate breakfast, feed chickens, put on washing, read st George and the dragon, made swords, made castle, put washing out, had sword fights, made lunch for in the castle, napped in the castle, watched how to train your dragon, made dinner - dragon stew (kids don't really like meat so yuck!), got books out of the library on dragons, (I did a search on net for ...)coloured in dragons, Daddy's finished work....showed him everything.

But now that was a good day!

A bad day might mean the washing doesn't get out, kids are tired and don't want any story's...they are fighting, I try making fairy bread with them - they like it, then go back to fighting, I take them to the rains and they cry, I take them to the cafe....their juice spills all over the table and each other.... they cry, I put on a likes it the other does not...I put on another movie in another room...I run back and forward providing food and drink until they have had enough of a movie, they play outside...fall down the bank and get hurt...they trip over their scooter on the way to me for the first hurt, no one wants to cook any dinner I open a tin of spaghetti and sausages and Dave and I have boil in the bag curry, there is a huge scream up in the bathroom as Dave tries to keep the water in the bath and DS sitting down...he falls over and hits his head, then DD wants stories to go on and on and on and DS is walking the walls and leaping from the bed doing Bear Grills rolls....
Breath...the lights are out and DS rolls from side to side before he drops off to sleep where is DD is so tired she's asleep in 5mins.

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