Monday, December 12, 2011

Burn out with unschooling...?

I've been reading back over my baby books and I've come across the Sears "The fussy baby book". What a saviour this book was back 4 years ago.
Is it coming back into play again?

I think anyone will get burn out and it is possible to get while unschooling...though many will deny the possibility or not like to talk about it.
  • Your trying to do too much too soon
  • Your worrying
  • Your Mothering beyond one's personal resources
  • Your building up resentment to unmet expectations

I don't know if it will be like this later on as we move through our journey as parenting a Fussy Baby became easier...I'm sure it must.

I'll come back to this post and see if I can fill in what to do about the above.

I think something to remember for me is that seasoned Unschoolers might not be all that supportive ... well hey they are living the life.
Deschooling or learning your way is stressful. Finding our your family dynamic all again can be really hard for some...for me ;-)

The looming of the certificate of exemption is both a blessing and a terror. Its helping me work out what I believe in but having someone pick over what you believe...and its in writing too.

Ok time to go and help pack the playdough away.

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