Thursday, December 8, 2011

Early December

Friday is such a packed day!
Trying to convince my son it's time to start the day...and he just wants a bit more hugs.

Pack the truck
Birthday at the playground
Pick up groceries
Nanma and Grandad for lunch
Routine out window

Many falls from playground equipment...america family asking if we needed a paramedic

Swimming lessons grandparents watching today
End of year chaos at pools with 100s of more kids than normal at the pools...really loud


Nana missing -thank goodness she had her cellphone on her
Dinner late
Dd wants me to make Christmas decorations with her now

Both kids Playing really well after dinner seems a shame to stop them so we didn't.

The photos
The kids were quiet for a long time before desert one night then came out wearing stockings on their head and socks not right on their feet...."we're rabbits"
I just about wet myself laughing

We are trying to find a way of not burning out close to dinner Dave suggested game time... It's been a hit. We're lucky enough to have two laptops that both kids can work on

Dd's goal for this season is to watch a seed grow. So we've tried to put seeds up close to the wall if a jar...very excited tonight as one is already sprouting.

Christmas decoration...oh woe. Lots of this this year. We've decorated the playcentre tree. Our own tree. Made decorations at home education group. And now more at home

Along with ballet class...big show

Nanas health not 100% worry!

Lots of photos but need to ask patents first.

Great play dates too

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